Bamboo fiber socks

Its unique porous structure of bamboo fiber, put wet with a clean and fresh absorbent strong, soft and good elasticity, high strength natural antibacterial, antimicrobial, mold, mites and special effects, effective odor removal, the day after the foot . Farewell odor troubles, to have a fresh foot
Breathing environment, these are the raw material of bamboo fiber is used.
Points from the process perspective bamboo fiber socks several different techniques, such as Shujie Ya business process referred to 200-pin socks socks for men, 168 needles, bamboo fiber socks and sports stars 144 needles, 120 needles, bamboo fiber socks child stars 120-pin, 96-pin, 76-pin and so on.
1, foot odor, bamboo fiber socks wicking, breathable effect, summer has a good deodorant.
2, the prevention of athlete's foot, bamboo fiber socks can be a good foot kill most bacteria and prevent the spread of athlete's foot and other bacteria and the like. Secondly, largely because of foot athlete's foot caused by hot, bamboo fiber socks breathable, wicking effect is very good, very good inhibition of bacterial growth.
3, warm care, a good pair of socks on the foot bamboo fiber can play a very good protection, especially in vulnerable parts of the ankle, etc., can play a warm winter effect. [1]