Cotton Sock

Generally, we prefer to pick socks cotton socks, however, whether the cotton is 100% cotton it? Socks experts tell us the answer is no, that is not 100% cotton content of socks. If the component is a pair of socks 100% cotton content, so this is not a pair of socks, but a group of cotton! And it is totally flexible! Shrunk 100% cotton socks particularly high, and is not very strong and durable. Therefore, in one sentence, 100% cotton socks cotton socks not called, but called cotton.
Cotton content is usually more than 75% of cotton socks socks can become, and the general content of 85% cotton socks is a very high-grade cotton socks. In addition to added cotton socks, also we need to add some functional fiber socks to keep flexibility, fastness and comfort. Spandex, nylon, acrylic, polyester, etc. are very common functional fibers. So not having these functional fiber socks socks Oh, not good.
--- --- Combed cotton
Combed cotton with a machine called comber remove ordinary fiber short fiber left after long and neat cotton fibers. Due to the removal of short fibers of cotton fibers and other impurities out of combed cotton yarn more delicate, feel manufactures are more smooth and comfortable, is a high-grade cotton goods.

Mercerized cotton --- ---
Mercerized cotton refers to ordinary cotton fiber was mercerized cotton fiber processing process in concentrated alkali solution. This cotton fibers in the context of other indicators of physical properties are not changed, better than ordinary cotton fiber gloss, more shine, and less likely to wrinkle. Usually thin section socks can often be seen in summer mercerized cotton material.